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We're going underground.
Find out why below.

Why We're Going Underground

Due to the prevalence of the media’s current tone of right-wing censorship, we are no longer happy to continue publishing Survival Pulse updates publicly online.

This doesn’t mean we’re disappearing completely.

Rather, we’re going underground.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you’re a fan of reading Survival Pulse’s news updates, you’re going to have to subscribe to our email newsletter from now on to get them.

Old posts will no longer be visible. New posts will no longer be live. There will no longer be a Survival Pulse website in the way it once was present. Now there will only be a newsletter.

We know that some of you chose to have updates sent to you this way anyways. That some of you subscribed to be updated by our email newsletters, but others opted out and instead chose to come to the website each day to get the daily news. But here’s why we’re no longer having that available as an option:

1. As we’ve all seen on Twitter lately – it’s possible for social media sites, which do send a chunk of you over our direction, to just plainly shut down accounts they are not happy with. Yes, if you’re thinking about Milo here – we’re on the same page. We don’t want to end up not being able to reach out to you on social media.

2. Search engines also have this opportunity. And while Yahoo, Google, etc. have not begun shutting people down for political views and we don’t think this is likely to happen, it is always a possibility, as everyone in this industry well knows.

The absolute only way to make sure we can continue to communicate with you no matter what – the only way to make sure we are not completely censored – is by sending news updates directly to your inbox.

We cannot promise you we won’t be censored otherwise.

We cannot promise you that we will still be able to reach you and not be drowned out by outright blocking to create censorship, or the lesser evil – algorithmic changes that make it so that our posts will be completely buried on social media and search.

We can promise you we won’t be drowned out this way.

We will also be including our own notes and personal messages which we were uncomfortable including previously. And so there are many advantages, the way we see it, to doing things this way.

Sign up today and if you’re no longer interested, unsubscribe. We make it simple and easy and the second you click that “unsubscribe” link and confirm you’ll be off the list. No questions asked. No talking directly to anyone. Just an automated sayonara and we’re gone from your inbox.

We greatly appreciate those of you who have stuck with us in the past, and hope to see you underground.

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