Top 50 Survival Blogs

Each day we go through hundreds of survival blogs and link to the best articles of the day in our survival email newsletter.

With such a huge number of blogs to sift through, it made sense to keep a list of the top 50 survival blogs for those looking for the best survival and prepper websites to follow!

Since we're bloggers ourselves, we decided it would be unfair to throw our own sites into the mix (we are of course biased!), but if you'd like to check out our other survival sites, you can take a look at them here:

1. More Than Just Surviving
2. Survival Threads

The rankings for the following top 50 survival and preparedness sites are calculated using a number of factors. These include: Alexa Rank, Google PR, frequency of new content, originality of content, number of articles featured on Survival Pulse, and more!

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1. SHTF Plan
2. Off Grid Survival
3. SurvivoPedia
4. Activist Post
5. The Survivalist Blog
6. The Prepper Journal
7. Ready Nutrition
8. Modern Survival Blog
9. The Economic Collapse Blog
10. WoodsMonkey
11. American Preppers Network
12. Urban Survival Site
13. Survival Based Blog
14. The Daily Sheeple
15. SHTF Blog
16. Preparedness Advice Blog
17. Modern Survival Online
18. Survival Blog
20. Survivalist Prepper
21. Off the Grid News
22. Survival Sherpa
23. Doomsday Moose
24. Infowars
25. Prepper's Will
26. Apartment Prepper
27. Backdoor Survival
28. The Weekend Prepper
29. The Prepared Ninja
30. End of the American Dream
31. Graywolf Survival
32. Doom and Bloom
33. ITS Tactical
34. The Survival Doctor
35. Ed That Matters
36. The Organic Prepper
37. The Survival Mom
38. Outdoor Life
39. Prepared Housewives
40. Wood Trekker
41. Alt Market
42. Frugal Chicken
43. Herbal Survival
44. Mom With a Prep
45. Northern Homestead
46. Living Life in Rural Iowa
47. Food Storage and Survival
48. Canadian Prepper's Network
49. Willow Haven Outdoor
50. Suburban Survival Blog

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