Top 50 Survival Blogs

Each day we go through hundreds of survival blogs and link to the best articles of the day on our survival news updates home page.

With such a huge number of blogs to sift through, it made sense to keep a list of the top 50 survival blogs for those looking for the best survival and prepper websites to follow!

Since we're bloggers ourselves, we decided it would be unfair to throw our own sites into the mix (we are of course biased!), but if you'd like to check out our other survival sites, you can take a look at them here:

The rankings for the following top 50 survival and preparedness sites are calculated using a number of factors. These include: Alexa Rank, Google PR, frequency of new content, originality of content, number of articles featured on Survival Pulse, and more!

Check out the best articles from these blogs featured daily on Survival Pulse!

Looking for even more great blogs to follow? Check out the complete survival website list.

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